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Gold filled jewelry is a cost-effective yet still high-quality alternative to real gold. Gold filled jewelry is made with a very thick layer of gold bonded to a base metal. Since this layer is so thick, your piece will last you many years if you take good care of it! Gold filled jewelry is water and tarnish resistant, however to ensure your jewels last you even longer they should be removed when in the water as much as possible. A polishing cloth can be used to remove tarnish or dark spots from your jewelry.


 Most sale items and beaded pieces are gold/silver plated. Plated jewelry has a thin layer of gold/silver on top of a base metal. These pieces should not be worn in water, as the layer of gold/silver is much thinner and may flake off or tarnish if not taken care of. These pieces are great for anyone looking for a cheaper option that is still great quality!


Sterling silver will last a lifetime, is safe for everyday wear and can be worn in water. To keep sterling silver jewelry looking good as new, store it away from sunlight and in an airtight bag/jewelry box. A polishing cloth can be used to remove tarnish or dark spots.

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